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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have to start with stating that I love Romero, and I'm a huge zombie fan, the credits rolled on this, I was left wondering when he started working for the SyFy channel. The acting, writing, sad attempts at humor, and CGI were so poor that this literally reminded me of some crappy SyFy original playing on a Saturday afternoon. There is absolutely no tension, or scares, and the gore is ridiculously weak. I have, honestly, seen better effects in video games. The plot lines felt recycled from his previous output, some crappy PG-13 teen horror films, and a number of newer zombie flicks. Pacing bordered on painful and I can't count home many times I caught myself looking at the time display on my dvd player. I didn't like Diary of the Dead (say the name fast and it sums it up) and this was even weaker...What happened, Uncle George??

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  1. The movie is just embarassing on every level. I couldn't have reviewed this movie any better than you did. I pray to CHER ALMIGHTY that Romero makes another "Dead" film (and a good one) so that this won't be his swansong.