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I can't offer works of staggering genius, but what you will get are my sometimes funny, questioningly intelligent, frighteningly vitriolic, occasionally shockingly sweet, but almost always charmingly grouchy ramblings on music, film, politics, society, pop culture, literature, queer life, travel, Kansas City, and the mundane, yet surreal aspects of everyday.

I'm a queer punk country boy in his late 30s, who has settled back in the midwest after a decade or so of living around the country. My boyfriend, MJ and I moved to Kansas City a couple of years ago after an insanely surreal life in rural, southeast Kansas. This is my attempt at getting back into writing after a longer than anticipated hiatus. I'm still a bit rusty, so be gentle with me...A bottle of wine, some Barry White, and a can of Crisco usually does the job.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Since i just spent an hour composing a rambling post about my fixation with music, I figured that I'd mention a couple of bands that I'm loving on right now and were the soundtrack for that epic.

My love for all things post punk and vaguely 80's sounding led me to the amazing Belgian band CUSTOMS. Their 2009 album, ENTER THE CHARACTERS is an excellent 46 minutes of indie/post punk/alternative in the vein of Interpol, The Killers, Echo and The Bunnymen, and The Cinematics. Without sounding too derivative of the new wave of early and mid 80's British "raincoat" bands that have surfaced over the last handful of years, they mange to pull off being moody and epic, while still being bouncy and danceable.

Los Angeles band, EULOGIES, released their debut album in 2007, but it's their sophmore release, HERE ANONYMOUS that caught my attention with it's updated spin on classic indie rock. Somehow managing to sound like your favorite mid 90's college radio track, yet completely fresh and modern. They've managed to nab audio appearances on everything from the 2008 film THE WRESTLER to the Showtime series, CALIFORNICATION. If you are at all a fan of quality indie, without the pretension, give this a listen.

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