Young, hung, and full of vitriol...

I can't offer works of staggering genius, but what you will get are my sometimes funny, questioningly intelligent, frighteningly vitriolic, occasionally shockingly sweet, but almost always charmingly grouchy ramblings on music, film, politics, society, pop culture, literature, queer life, travel, Kansas City, and the mundane, yet surreal aspects of everyday.

I'm a queer punk country boy in his late 30s, who has settled back in the midwest after a decade or so of living around the country. My boyfriend, MJ and I moved to Kansas City a couple of years ago after an insanely surreal life in rural, southeast Kansas. This is my attempt at getting back into writing after a longer than anticipated hiatus. I'm still a bit rusty, so be gentle with me...A bottle of wine, some Barry White, and a can of Crisco usually does the job.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've been so focused on school, life, and my music blogs that I'd kind of neglected/forgotten this place as a form of therapeutic spewing. A friend was visiting for the holidays and gave me a book that focused on writing something every day, regardless of how mundane or trivial. It made me realize how much I miss letting my fingers and mind wander instead of focusing my writing output on school, Tumblr, or Facebook. We'll see...


  1. welcome back Chad, I missed reading your blog.

  2. I've missed this. Nice to see.